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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Various forms of lines in poetry

Villanelle: A poem of two rhymes in five tercets and a quatrain.
Distich: A verse arranged in a couplet but makes a complete sense.
Monometer: One line of a poem
Couplet: Two lines of poem.
Tercet: Three lines of poem.
Quatrain: Four lines of poem
Quintet: Five lines of poem
Sextet: Six lines of poem.
Septet: Seven lines of poem.
Octave: Eight lines of poem.
Dioxin: Ten lines of poem.
Dochnius:A foot of five syllables with first to fourth, shorter than the fifth.
Dactyl: A finger, like feet of three syllables.
Spontee: A foot of two long syllables.
Long Measure: A quatrain of eight lines syllables.
Epitrite: A feet of three long syllables and one short syllable.
Fifteener: A verse of fifteen syllables.
Bacchius: A foot of two long syllables followed by one short syllable.

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