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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Soul’s Errand by Sir Walter Raleigh

Literary Analysis (Summary)
Written by Sir Walter Raleigh, an English poet and explorer, The Soul’s Errand also known as “The Lie” in some editions is a satirical poem of a dying man’s instruction to his soul to expose the lies and imperfections of his time. The poem was written about 1592 on the eve of the poet’s execution by James 1, whom he fell out of favour with, although he had enjoyed Queen Elizabeth’s patronage earlier.

Naked Soles by Gbemisola Adeoti

Literary Analysis (Summary)
This poem paints a glooming picture of people under massive enslavement. The first line of the poem introduces us to the gory condition in which man has found himself. The poem is a tragic depiction of suffering and injustice to humanity. The naked souls are the less-privileged people who have been stripped of freedom and liberty, and compelled to work for their paymasters under unfavourable environments of pain and agony.

The Journey of the Magi by T.S Eliot

Literary Analysis (Summary)
This poem, written by T.S Eliot, is a travelogue. It is an account of the three wise men (biblical magi) from the east, who visits Jesus Christ in Chapter 2 of the gospel of Matthew, shortly after his birth. The bible details how the magi are guided by the Stars of Bethlehem from the east to Jerusalem. The star has informed them of the birth of Jesus Christ. Consequently, they set on a journey to find the messiah and King of Judea and to present him with their gifts.

Bat by D.H. Lawrence

Literary Analysis (Summary)
The poem reveals the impression and attitude of the poet towards bat, a nocturnal bird which sees at night but blind during the day. This flying mammal is also known as “Pipistrello” in Italy, which actually means little piper.

D.H Lawrence begins the poem by introducing us to the setting of the poem. The setting is in Italy.