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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Difference between English literature and Literature-in-English

English literature is the literature written by the British showcasing the English lifestyle and culture. This type of literary work is written in English language which is the mother tongue or native dialect of these people. The works written by the English people cover the three genres of literature: Prose, Drama and Poetry.

Some of the globally acclaimed British writers are: Geoffrey Chaucer, Sir Thomas Moore, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, John Fletcher, George Orwell, John Dryden, Ben Johnson, Joseph Conrad, Bernard Shaw, Virginia Wolf, Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Hardy, John Donne, Jonathan Swift, Andrew Marvell, John Milton, Daniel Defoe, T.S Eliot, Christopher Marlowe etc.

Literature in English is the literary work that covers all regions or countries of the world, written in English. The literatures in this category are: Canadian literature, American literature, African literature, Australian literature, Asian literature and the likes.

Some of these works are not originally written in English language. Prior to translation, the writers put them down in their own mother tongue like French, Arabic, Latin, Spanish, Yoruba, Twi etc.

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