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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Unseen Prose and Poetry

Unseen prose and poetry are literary extracts dedicated to any poet or author. It is used to test the knowledge of literary skills in students. In the prose aspect, a passage is provided and students are expected to answer questions below the passage. A poetry extract is also provided to assess students’ familiarity with poetic terms and other literary devices.
For you to answer correctly the questions attached to the unseen prose and poetry, you need to have a good grasp of the passage and poetry extract. You need to understand the subject matter of the extract. Provided below are models of unseen prose and poetry from the West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

Unseen Prose
“Diversion through Larteh!” This is the sign in the middle of the road. They have diverted the 24 kilometreMamfe-Aburi-Adenta road because of the major road works.The Mamfe-Larteh-Adenta diversion makes the journey twice as long. The longer route is the shorter.
The little jeep flashes past the deserted police check point. The howling wind, like a stretching comb, stretches Kyeiwa’s hair in flapping furrows behind her as she stands clinging to a metal support in the back of the open jeep, petrified. The jeep negotiates the hairpin bend below the overhang near Tamara’s Place at breakneck speed; now it is on the stretch to the Kodiabe junction.The little vehicle laps up the distance. Presently the travellersarrive at the last crossroads. Kodiabe lies as the crow flies, Somanya to the left. The jeep turns right towards Accra.

11.     Kyeiwa is in  mood.
A.   a relaxed
B.   an ecstatic
C.   a frightened
D.   an elated
22.     The narrative technique used in the passage is
A.   third person.
B.   asoliloque.
C.   first person.
D.   an aside.
33.     The passage is
A.   expository.
B.   analytical.
C.   narrative.
D.   argumentative.
44.     The atmosphere in the passage is one of
A.   love.
B.   fear.
C.   anger.
D.   joy.
55.     “The little vehicle laps up the distance” conveys the impression of
A.   leisure.
B.   pleasure.
C.   strength.
D.   speed.

Unseen Poetry
Give me a look, give me a face,
That makes simplicity a grace;
Robes loosely flowing, hair as free;
Such sweet neglect more taketh me
Than all the adulteries of art;
They strike my eyes, but not my heart.

66.     The subject matter of the poem
A.   criticizes natural beauty.
B.   admires the art.
C.   adores natural beauty.
D.   Recognizes fashion.
77.     The poet’s tone is one of
A.   sadness.
B.   assertiveness
C.   humour.
D.   uncertainty.
88.     “Such sweet neglect more taketh me” is an example of
A.   metonymy.
B.   antithesis
C.   paradox.
D.   euphemism.
99.     The above device expresses the poet’s
A.   approval.
B.   disappointment.
C.   sorrow
D.   defiane.
110 The rhyme scheme is
A.   ddeeff
B.   abcabc
C.   defdef
D.   aabbcc

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  1. Wot of the answers, I wanna use them to crosscheck my answers

  2. For questions, engage us on Twitter so that we can respond to your answers and request in a jiffy. The answers have been twitted here

    1. I've attempted the questions too. Thanks for the link.