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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Model Unseen Prose and Poetry (2)

Read the passage below to answer questions 1-5       
For five minutes, Ikenna stood with this unprintable grin on his face, when Debby appeared before him.
“What? I mean, what’s that look?” She asked him. “You mean, you are Debby! My internet lover?” “Are you disappointed?” “No no! You are a beauty queen trust me! But your image on the screen was far too magnificent.” Debby wobbled to another side, saying “I thought we were truly in love.” Ikenna unconsciously uttered aloud to himself “fate! You weren’t fair to me this time!”

1.     The literary devices used in the last statement of the passage is
(a)  apostrophe and soliloquy
(b) aside and metaphor
(c)  assonance and irony
(d) climax and personification
(e)  euphemism and aside
2.     The most suitable caption for the above passage is
(a)  irony of internet love
(b) love and deceit
(c)  love at first sight
(d) pain and love
(e)  power of beauty
3.     “Debby wobbled to one side” suggests that she is
(a)  agile
(b) beautiful
(c)  deformed
(d) sad
(e)  ugly
4.     “No! no! You are a beauty queen” as used in the passage is an example of
(a)  euphemism
(b) hyperbole
(c)  innuendo
(d) litotes
(e)  pun
5.     The first underlined expression suggests that Ikenna was
(a)  confused
(b) disappointed
(c)  excited
(d) indifferent
(e)  thrilled

Use the poem below to answer questions 6-10.
On this dirty patch
a tree once stood
shedding incense on the infant corn:
its boughs stretched across a heaven
brightened by the last fires of a tribe.
They sent surveyors and builders
who cut that tree
planting in its place
a huge senseless cathedral of doom.
6.     The first word in the underlined phrase means a
(a)  building
(b) church
(c)  plaza
(d) secretariat
(e)  vicarage
7.     The poem is written in a                form.
(a)  blank verse
(b) flowery
(c)  plain
(d) prosody
(e)  rhyming verse
8.     The theme of the poem is
(a)  corruption
(b) deforestation
(c)  Ethnic cleansing
(d) re-building
(e)  wickedness
9.     The underlined phrase is an example of
(a)  alliteration
(b) metaphor
(c)  personification
(d) pun
(e)  synecdoche
10.                        The tone of the poem is
(a)  gingering
(b) lamentative
(c)  passive
(d) satirical
(e)  soothing

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