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Friday, 29 April 2016

The Schoolboy by William Blake

Literary Analysis (Summary)

The Schoolboy by William Blake is a romantic poem that appreciates the beauty of nature as a therapeutic tool that awakens one’s power of imagination against all societal constraints. Written in pastoral tradition, this poem explores the downsides of formal learning within the four walls of a classroom. The poem focuses on a little school boy whose imaginative vision is entrapped in the school system that restricts learning to the classroom, rather than a natural environment where his creative tendencies will develop.

The Pulley by George Herbert

Literary Analysis (Summary)

Written in the 17th century, The Pulley is a metaphysical poem that examines the relationship between the creator and the creation. It gives us an insight of how God relates with man and how he regulates man’s life. In this religious poem, George Herbert creates a myth about God’s creation of the world and humankind. He presents this with the metaphor of a pulley, a scientific equipment that has a wheel or set of wheels over which a chain or rope is pulled to lower or lift heavy things.

Crossing the Bar by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Literary Analysis (Summary)

Crossing the Bar is a metaphysical poem that meditates on the inevitability of death and why it should be accepted in fate. The poet talks about the phenomenon of death using the symbolism of a sea voyage. He opines that death is not an end but a transition one must fully prepare for. Crossing the bar is an euphemism that implies crossing the complex and rigorous phase of life to death, which signifies peace and eternal rest.

Model Unseen Prose and Poetry (3)

Read the passage below to answer questions 1-5

A few minutes before the football encounter between Eyimba Football Club and Yankari Football Club was going to begin, all the gates to the Jokolo stadium were shut. The stadium had already been flooded but many people were still outside stadium. These people could not get in because they had no tickets. Just then, he began to push his way between the legs of the crowd. He was almost trampled upon by the crowd as many people were suffocated.