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Friday, 29 April 2016

Model Unseen Prose and Poetry (3)

Read the passage below to answer questions 1-5

A few minutes before the football encounter between Eyimba Football Club and Yankari Football Club was going to begin, all the gates to the Jokolo stadium were shut. The stadium had already been flooded but many people were still outside stadium. These people could not get in because they had no tickets. Just then, he began to push his way between the legs of the crowd. He was almost trampled upon by the crowd as many people were suffocated.

At last, he managed to reach the gate, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a ticket. He asked the gateman to open the gate. The man first looked at him and asked, “Where is your ticket? You think you can use your stature to enter without a ticket?” He then showed him his ticket. The gateman looked at the ticket as if it was fake. “It is genuine, my father bought it for me long ago,” he cried at the top of his voice.

1.    The main character of this passage is a
(a)man (b)boy (c)girl (d) football

2.    “The stadium had already been flooded” as used in the passage is an example of
(a)paradox (b) metaphor (c) irony (d) hyperbole

3.    The concluding part of the passage suggests that the main character is
(a)unhappy (b) ecstatic (c)thrilled (d) calm

4.    “The gateman looked at the ticket as if it was fake” exemplifies the use of
(a)irony (b) litotes (c) simile (d) euphemism

5.    “Trampled upon” in the first paragraph suggests that
(a)the main character is fighting the gateman
(b)there is a stampede
(c)the spectators are excited
(d)the gateman almost cheated him

Use the poem below to answer questions 6-10

When with prophetic eye I peer into the future
I see that I shall perish upon this road
Driving men that I do not know
This metallic monster that now I dictate

This docile elaborate horse
That in silence seems to simmer and strain
Shall surely revolt some tempting day
Thus I shall die, not that I care
For any man’s journey

6.    The tone of the poem is
(a)argumentative (b) lamentative (c) captivating (d) satirical

7.    The dominant figurative device in the 6th and 7th line is
(a)metaphor (b) alliteration (c) consonance (d) apostrophe

8.    The subject matter of the poem is
(a)love (b) death (c) driving (d) prophesy

9.    “Metallic monster” as used in the poem symbolizes a
(a)plane (b) house (c) door (d) car

10.                       What dominant device is deployed in the first line
(a)foreshadowing (b) suspense (c) flashback (d) aside  

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