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Friday, 28 April 2017

In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyinka

"The best stories told are from history"
Although Nigeria had gained independence from Britain in 1960, she only became politically independent in 1963 when she became a Republic. After winning the fight against colonialism, Nigeria found herself basking at the brink of a socio-political cum economic downturn. Manyinka's "In dependence" tells the tale of Nigeria and Africa(at large ) during the post colonial era.
The novel is vast in setting . "In dependence" opens in the year 1963,with Omotayo Ajayi , a young athletic Nigerian getting ready to leave his country to England for a scholarship award to study in Oxford. On getting to England,he realizes that things aren't really as they seem. He exchanges letters with his father Mr Ajayi, telling him of his trip and of how he's been acquitted with other Nigerians such as Bolaji Oladipo and Christine Arinze. Through his connection with his former headmaster Faircliff,he meets The Barker's who welcome him warmly at lunch. At the Barker's, he meets other Africans such as himself at a drink party. He joins Bolaji and his clique who are discussing literature. Among this clique is Christine who is the "famously beautiful third year". Carefully studying her,he engages her in a conversation and allows her get the upper hand. By so doing,he proves himself to be the King of charms like his uncle Bola. After sometime,he invites her over for coffee at the Cadena. She accepts and puts an extra effort in looking good for their date in disguise. Over time they become closer, and nineteen years old Tayo, wins over Christine leaving memories of his Nigerian-ex Modupe to trail off.