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Friday, 13 October 2017

We Are

We are born with skin.
Defined by our skin.
Confined by our skin.
Awarded for our skin.
Disgraced for our skin.
Pitied for our skin.

We are born with a sex
Defined by our sex
Confined by our sex.
Awarded for our sex.
Disgraced for our sex.
Pitied for our sex.
Restrained by our sex.

We are born in shades of colours.
Defined by our shades.
Confined by our shades.
Awarded for our shades.
Disgraced for our shades.
Pitied for our shades.
Restrained by our shades.

We are African
We are Women
We are African Women.

We are Black,
We are Brown,
We are Tan.
We are Women
We are Black and Coloured women.

by Victoria Aderinto